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Leading you...
To create a healthy relationship with your digital devices & answer the call home to your soul

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Digital Wellness Coach


Health Educator


Kundalini & Hatha

Yoga Teacher

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Kids Yoga Teacher


School Wellness

Create customizable presentations, and classes to fit the needs of students and teachers including yoga and digital wellness

Online Meeting

Digital Wellness Coach

Do you feel out of control with your screen usage? Is you screen-time affecting other area of your life? Join me for 6 weeks of Digital Wellness

Yoga Class

About Me

I started on my spiritual journey after I realized, through bodybuilding, that the physical aspect of health was not all there is. At the time, I was addicted to my phone, and felt stressed and disconnect with my True Self. 

Through a bold exploration, I discovered life without being so connected to outside validation, and the screens surrounding me.

Now, I incorporate the ancient science of Yoga and Ayurveda. The moment I chose all aspects of my health, was the moment I embraced the person I am meant to be in the world.
After my degree in Health Education and Behavior, becoming a Certified Health Educator, yoga trainings, and self-study, I've discovered my mission to share wellness tools to help people align with their purpose.

There are various ways I can help you, whether or not spirituality or digital wellness is a part of your current life.

Yoga Class

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Connecting with other humans unites us. May we recognize our togetherness.

Phone: 352-222-2708


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