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In the Digital Age

Ready to build awareness around screen-time and enhance your attention and presence with what truly matters to you? 

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What does it mean to be a conscious adult? 

Conscious Adulting uses awareness, willpower, intuition, and optimal habits so we live in alignment with our True Selves while learning to navigate in-person and online spaces. Conscious Adulting looks honestly at all parts of you and your relationship to your inner and outer screens in the world you grew up in and your current reality.

About the Author

Known for her unforgettable yoga classes and workshops, Melissa "Honey Bee" Baker started on her spiritual journey after she realized, through bodybuilding, that the physical aspect of health was not all there is. At the time, she was addicted to her phone, and felt stressed and disconnect with her True Nature. 

Through a bold exploration, Honey Bee discovered life without a need to always be digitally connected.

Honey Bee incorporates the ancient science of Yoga and Ayurveda, with evidence-based principles in health behavior. 
After her degree in Health Education and Behavior, becoming a Certified Health Educator, Yoga Teacher, and Digital Wellness Educator, she's discovered her mission to share wellness tools to help people align with their purpose.

Through "Conscious Adulting," Melissa shares her relatable journey as a millennial growing up in the digital age, and ways to unplug to plug back in to deep connection we are all seeking.


About the Book

Conscious Adulting in the Digital Age takes you on a journey with Melissa (Honey Bee) to empower healthier technology habits through spiritual principles. In the Digital Age, we are constantly connected, but were you every taught to use a phone or screen with awareness?

Melissa guides you through her life growing up a millennial who had a social media addiction, obsession with her phone, and grew up around screens. She challenges you to incorporate proven digital wellness techniques that will help you create a better relationship with life and the screens surrounding you.


Learn spiritual principles that fit into your life, so you can elevate your consciousness, and live from a place of presence. 

By the end of this book, feel educated, empowered, and aware as you step into the world with consciousness as an adult. 

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