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Digital Wellness Coaching

The screens around you don't create your story... 
YOU Create Your Story

I was that sixteen-year-old girl who looked on Facebook for approval. I was that college roommate who stayed up watching Netflix. For many years, I was blind to how screens were affecting all facets of my life, from my relationship with others to my mental well-being.

When I began to integrate Digital well-being into my everyday life, I was able to integrate it into my life in a healthy way. I started to 

What if you were able to create boundaries, intentions, and habits that helped you feel a sense of peace in your digital life? What if you were able to get the sleep you've been missing for years? What if you were able to heal, truly heal, by simply disconnecting from the aspect of technology that is holding you back? 

Join me, Certified Health Educator and Spiritual Teacher Melissa Baker (Honey Bee) to guide you on your journey to creating a healthy and balanced relationship with your phone, computer, and other screens surrounding you. 

What is Digital Wellness? A way of life that integrates a persons physical, mental, emotional, social, and environmental well-being in relation to the devices around them. This approach includes a persons mind, body and spirit.

What's Your Why?

  • Better Sleep

  • Connection in my Relationship

  • Decrease Anxiety and Depression

  •  Aligned in my online identity

  • Feel better in my body

  • Connect with my True Self

  • Create healthy behaviors

  • Feel empowered 

Friends in Nature
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“What would our lives be like if our days and nights were as immersed in nature as they are in technology?” Richard Louv, The Nature Principle

For six weeks, you and Melissa will create a connection based on trust, support, and conscious screen time. 

  • Meeting 1-2 times a week for forty-five minutes online or in person

  • Weekly Meditations, Visualizations and Breathing Techniques

  • Custom plan to improve your digital wellness

  • Ongoing support and resources

                   and much more... 

What are the types of things we will talk about? 

  • Identify key areas of health that are affected by screen-time 

  • What your relationship is with screens

  • How you feel throughout the day when your on your computer or phone

  • Create a customized plan to help you feel more aligned with yourself and balance in your digital well-being. 

About the Program

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