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It's Time For a Social Media Detox

Every few years, it occurs to me that I am changing, and growing into someone different than is displayed as me on social media. In order to give myself the space to grow, I need to take a break from these social networks that subtly morphs my identity.

This happened after I did fitness competitions for three years. I was known as a fitness competitor to my Facebook community. All of a sudden, I stopped competing, and I didn't identify with that image I created online. I stopped using social media, and let myself grow. I needed it, and this is another time when my mind, body, spirit is guiding me to take a break for these addictive platforms.

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My Whys

1. I choose to place more energy into my in-person interactions, and really get to know people.

2. Where is all my data going anyway?

3. Conscious tech use is a theme in my life. I need a refresher on how Social Media is benefiting my life, and a break is needed for that clarity

4. Spring Cleaning - My online identity is one of those areas that needs a simple cleaning

5. Identity exploration and releasing old stories, that on a deep psychological level, SM is holding me back from.

6. It is a distraction. No matter how much I make it about "business."

7. I simply want to live my life without it for a little while, and spend more time creating deeper connections with the people I love.

8. Be an example - If I can do it, you can too. No matter how addicted it can be. It's possible to get validation from my internal guide, instead of from the internet. I am loved, and sometimes, I need a break from SM to truly remind myself of that.

10. What is my purpose? Back to that soul-searching topic again... It is simply time to rediscover who I truly am.

Taking a break from digital reality is a reset, a redirection, and a beautiful unfolding of what life shows when we are actually paying attention.

I feel blessed to have the tools to take this break, and not feel so overwhelmed.

If you need any guidance from detoxing from social media, check out my free three-page guide book on Social Media Detox.

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