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Prenatal Yoga and Wellness



  • Improved sleep

  • Diminished levels of stress and anxiety

  • Feel connected to yourself and baby

  • Increased strength, flexibility, and endurance of muscles needed for childbirth

  • Decreased lower back pain, and discomfort from pregnancy

During this 3 part workshop series, you will learn about these proven benefits of prenatal yoga, as well as how to safely feel empowered on and off your mat during your pregnancy, labor, and delivery.



August 19 

August 26

September 2

Friday, from 6:45 - 8:00pm


Gainesville Health and Fitness, Womens Center 

15 spot capacity with social distancing in space

Week 1

Prenatal Hatha Yoga

Introduction to each other and yoga. We will learn poses and breathing to help trust in your body and intuition. 

Week 2

 Prenatal Restorative Yoga

We will recognize the importance of the relationship with our inner voice, our partners, and support system. Learn to use project your voice with courage. 

Week 3

Prenatal Hatha and Kundalini Meditation

We will close our journey with creating a self-care routine and birth plan that feels true to you. You will be able to share about your experience, and feel supported. 


prenatal tree pose.jpg

About Melissa Baker - Honey Bee 

Melissa has been teaching yoga for six years to a variety of different levels and experience. Prenatal yoga rests in her heart after being pregnant with her Son, Julian. She noticed the benefits of movement, meditation, and breathing techniques that helped her give birth to her Son at home. She welcomes people at any stage of pregnancy, and guides them through these three weeks with support and acceptance. Any questions? e-mail Melissa at

Instructor qualifications: 

Hatha Yoga Certification (ERYT200)

Kundalini Yoga Certification (KRI) 

Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES) 

Radiant Child Certified

Led Prenatal workshops in the past

Practiced yoga in my own pregnancy

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