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Your Yoga Expression

Practicing Yoga with Babies


From Family Yoga, to Kids Birthday Parties, Honey Bee will help everyone feel connected, and have fun doing it. 


Family Cost: $55

Birthday Yoga Party: $100

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From overcoming mental blocks, to improving alignment, 1:1 with Honey Bee is more than a yoga class, it is a personalized session where your needs are heard and addressed.


Hour session: $60

Online 45 Minute Session: $50

Four 1-hour sessions: $220

Couples 1 hour Sessions: $75

4 Couples Sessions: $280

($10 driving fee for each session if session is in your home) 

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Free Consultation


Amanda Rose - Private Yoga

Honeybee’s teachings have brought me healing, peace, and positive vibrations. She teaches kundalini yoga in a way that is easy to understand and welcoming. Her inner light shines through as she leads you through your practice. I am very blessed to be taught by Honeybee.  


Marina, Yoga Class

Melissa brings a gentle yet firm, kind yet grounded presence to her teachings.  She is skilled, yes, but more importantly embodies and emanates the kind of centeredness, or "union," that's at the heart of yoga practice.  I highly recommend her classes to anyone seeking a skilled, kind teacher who inspires with her graceful presence.


Kori, Yoga and Kirtan

Melissa's presence was personal and powerful. I found myself feeling at ease, eagerly participating in the chanting and movements as my knowledge deepened with each segment of the workshop. I would highly recommend this offering to anyone seeking learn more about Kirtan! The knowledge and experience gained has been integral piece of my spiritual journey."

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